Worship Service

Hillwood Presbyterian Gather here for Worship Today!

As we’re still to remain Safer at Home to maintain community health, the HPC facility remains closed.   Click to experience worship together here.    For words to the hymns to sing along & for the Affirmation of Faith used in this service, click here (print or use another device to view hymn words).  
Special thanks this week to guest musicians Noel Wardford (piano), Noel Pittman & Krazy Kyle (organ), Jason Bell (piano) & Drew Spencer-Bell (flute), and Terri Corker (guitar & vocals)!!!  
Please contact the church office or Pastor Jule by clicking here if you have any prayer concerns or needs to share for the week or call 615-352-6310.  Feel free to share this email and link with others!

If you would like to gather mid-week via a conference call or in the virtual world, please indicate by emailing here.  (Date: Tuesday, 5 May — Cinco de Mayo – 6:30-7:30 p.m.).
To attend Lectionary Bible Study Wednesday 6 May 2:00-3:00 p.m. (virtually), please email Pastor Jule by clicking here.

  • photos (or video clips) of YOUR MOTHER (or others who mother/nurture)
  • photos (or video clips) of what you see that reminds you of the Risen Christ

Blessings for the Fourth Sunday of Easter!!!!!!

Pastor Jule

HPC Worship Experience for 3 May: