This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday!  The temps of Tennessee are warming up.  Memorial Day has come and gone.  While we won’t be gathering in person for worship yet; the virtual worship service this Sunday WILL include the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  Please be prepared with your own elements of bread and the fruit of the vine when you click the worship link.  All also are encouraged to WEAR RED Sunday — not only for worship, but wherever you are that day! 

Two thoughts come as we enter into this season of Pentecost.  The first came up at our recent lectionary Bible Study.  Pentecost is when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and let’s face it:  Presbyterians tend to be a bit less familiar with this aspect of the Triune God!  If you are reading through Acts of the Apostles you will see the work of the Holy Spirit – the same work the Holy Spirit did in the life of Christ.  The Holy Spirit is the power within that allows us to fulfill Christ’s call:  to love others.  To share good news.  To forgive and live with inner peace.  We know about these things! So we CAN give great thanks to God!  Indeed the Spirit is living within!

As we approach Pentecost this year — as we’re living amid the pandemic of CoVid 19 — I wonder if you might take the time to learn more about the Spirit of God living in you?  Corrine Ware’s work around discovering how you best connect with God is called:  Discover your Spiritual Type.  You can read more about it by clicking here.  If you follow this link, it might be most helpful to click START to go through the Spirituality Type Indicator.  After learning more about your self from the STI, you then may want to return to the original page (the link above) to read more about the quadrants and preferences.  As with any type indicator, the Spirituality Type Indicator is a wheel showing general categories into which many people fall.  We grow spiritually first by knowing our preferred ways to connect with God, then by branching out to experience God beyond our preferred ways.  When we do this, beneficially, we also learn more about how others best connect with God.  Pentecost seems the perfect time to go a bit deeper.  Increase our own natural ways of connecting with God and reach beyond to see how God might come to us afresh.  

Blessings to you this week!  Get yourself all set to celebrate Pentecost:  the gift of God’s Spirit!!!
 Hope to see you soon through virtual means!  
Pastor Jule 

  • THIS WEEK’s Mid-Week Connection meeting, will be Wednesday, 27 May from 6:00 – 6:30 p.m.   Contact the church office or Pastor Jule to be sent the link to Zoom. 

We STILL need your help in creating our worship experiences for the weeks ahead — (email them to Pastor Jule by end of the day Wednesdays)!

  1. Pics or videos for PENTECOST SUNDAY — that which depicts the fire of the Spirit for you; the winds of God’s Spirit moving among us all.  Click here to submit them.

Note cards to our community partners would be GREATLY appreciated! 

Peace to you and please let me know right away if you need anything in the weeks! 

Peace, Pastor Jule
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