This past week has been heart-wrenching.  As if keeping an eye on Metro re-opening phases (after so many people relaxed or flat-out ignored social distancing efforts over Memorial Day weekend) has not been concerning enough, the stories of protests over Mr. Floyd’s death turned to riots around the country can leave us feeling hopeless.  Unheard of violence along racial lines continues to happen in our nation.  How do we find a way forward in a world where too many lives are undervalued?  Where violence seems a first reaction?  Where hate is tolerated — ever?  

I recently was reminded that a culture’s origin myths and stories make a significant difference.  The stories we tell paint pictures of the possible, impact our views of one another, influence our actions.  It just might be the perfect time to turn to the stories of our God — the Christian traditions that paint the view of a Triune God:  One God, we have experienced in three persons or personas.  The God who creates.  The God who saves.  The God who sustains us every step.  Trinity Sunday celebrates the very nature of God — the One that outflows to the next, to the next, and again to the next.  One of the best images of this Triune God is a water wheel.  Have you ever seen one?  The water of one bucket pours out to the next, which in turn pours to the next, and on and on it goes.  Power is created by the force and continues to give more and more power to the next.  This is the essence of God:  One who continuously outflows.  Gives.  Is power flowing out for the other.  Love, we often hear this power named; the very essence of God — on exhibit in every move of Jesus, the Anointed Christ. 

This week would be a good week to read up on the life and work of Christ.  The lectionary readings will take us into the gospel of Matthew for the weeks after Pentecost that stretch ahead.  Consider reading two chapters a week — cover it all in the next 14 weeks!  

A dear friend of mine (who was a young man coming of age through Apartheid in South Africa) and I are joining together in praying for unity.  We are praying for the day when that which makes each unique is celebrated.  We are seeking forgiveness and asking for understanding to flow.  I hope we can listen to one another.  I hope our voices can be raised to create the kind of world for which we pray when we pray as Christ taught saying:  “thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth” O LORD.  If you are feeling hopeless, confused, angry, sad, apathetic, convicted; consider joining us in prayer.  If unity, celebration of uniqueness, forgiveness, and the outflow of understanding seem too much; consider calling upon the Triune God praying:  “Thy kingdom come, Triune God.  Thy will be done on earth, soon!  Amen.”

While plans are underway for Playcare to return to operations in the building, all Hillwood PC in person ministries remain on hold.  I hope to see you soon through virtual means!  

Peace to you and please let me know right away if you need anything in the weeks!

Pastor Jule 

The sanctuary porch of Hillwood PC has been the latest pop up UniCycle spot!  

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