A few reflections I wrote up for you to discuss with a Spiritual Friend or to individually reflect upon during this season of Lent. Blessings for the week!

Pastor Jule

It has been said that the ultimate task of the Christian life is “falling and staying in love with God.” 

(Carl McColman, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, p. 253).   

1.  Think about your love for God.  Reflect upon when you first fell in love with God.  What were the circumstances of your life then?  Were you introduced by another or did you come to this love in a different way?  Was it an instant attraction or a slow and steady fall?  What was it about God that most impressed or opened your heart to God?

2.  If you haven’t fallen in love with God yet, why not?  What’s blocking that intimacy between the two of you?

3.  To keep themselves in love with God, some people read the stories of God in Scripture, watch God at work in creation, spend time with those who reflect the image of God, create, sing, cook, dance, or simply take time in silence to be in God’s presence.  What do you do to keep yourself in love with God?

4.  As with anyone you love, are there aspects of God you find difficult to accept?  What are they and why are they difficult for you?  In what ways do those aspects reflect more upon something in you rather than in God?

Reflect upon these words:  It has been said that the ultimate task of the Christian life is “falling and staying in love with God.”  This “lets us open our hearts to receive the vast and limitless love God has for us – love that God is eager to pour into us, love that will fill us up and overflow from us to a world that so desperately needs it, and love that will rearrange our values, our ethics, and our sense of right and wrong so that we reorient our entire lives to the expression of grace and joy in ways both large and small. (Carl McColman, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, p. 253-4).

TO GET INTO IT ANOTHER WAY (for individual reflection):

Write a letter chronicling your love story with God.  Write it in first person to God, or write it as if you were telling all the details of this love story to your best friend.

For those who are musical:  create a mixed tape or playlist of all your favorite love songs to God.  Play it and sing along at least 2 times in the next week.  If you don’t have a way physically to make the playlist/mixed tape, make a list of what songs it would include and why.  Or, use another medium (paint, clay, pencil colors) to create a representation of your love for God.

FOR ACTION (for individual reflection): 

          Do something for 15-30 minutes one time in the next week that keeps you in love with God.  Note how that experience affects your desire to connect with the world and with others then do one thing to connect with the world or others.

Blessings for Week Three of Lent!

Pastor Jule

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