17 March 2021

A few reflections I wrote up for you to discuss with a Spiritual Friend or to individually reflect upon during this season of Lent.

Blessings for the week!

Pastor Jule

“A disciplined prayer life is a commitment that requires a certain maturity to get through the dry periods.  . . .  Don’t give up on your walk with God or grow cynical; don’t lose faith in the mystery of love.  . . .  Focus on the God who is Love, even when prayer becomes difficult.” 

(Carl McColman, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, p. 207)

1.  Reflect upon your spiritual journey.  Describe the dry periods you have experienced.  Do you notice any pattern or similarities to them?

2.  What else in your life to you do daily that you do not always feel like doing – especially those things in which you persist even if it doesn’t feel like fruitful experiences result. 

3.  Reflect upon a time when something wonderful – perhaps even something surprising – resulted in your life from your committed follow-through.  How would your life have been different if you had stopped or failed to follow-through?  What from those experiences might spur on your spiritual journey when you hit a dry period?

4.  What best motivates you to carry on in your spiritual journey?

TO GET INTO IT ANOTHER WAY (for individual reflection):

Make a list of words that for you describe your prayer life.  See if you can make a connection between times of the year or day, places, etc. that make it easier or more difficult for you to persist in growing in your spiritual journey. 

FOR ACTION (for individual reflection):

Sometimes perseverance comes through encouragement from another or from within.  Think of a word that can be a motivator that moves you to keep at your spiritual journey – to continue your commitment to this process, or to another spiritual discipline like daily prayer, Scripture reading, or whatever else you do to keep you in love with God.  If you need outside encouragement, ask a friend or partner to check in with you 2-3 times this week simply by saying your motivating word to you.  If inner encouragement works best for you, leave note cards with motivating words or phrases for yourself around your home or office. 

Image above by truthseeker08 from Pixabay.

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