I received a picture from a member of HPC last week that reminded me ministry is taking place through the hands and hearts of this congregation ALL the time.  The care you share with each other may never reach national headlines.  The way you make a difference among your neighbors is seldom recognized by those beyond the impact of that love.  Yet, YOU Spread the Light again and again and again!  Just by being who you are each and every day.  Thank you! 
The picture I received also made me wonder how you might be staying connected even while many remain apart.  I’d love to know!  The readings from the gospel of John these weeks keep bringing us back to the word ABIDE.  As in:  as branches, abide in the Vine (John 15:1-8).  As friends of Christ, abide (John 15:9-17).  Abide in Love for love to abide in you!  Connection, connection, connection! 
Be the presence of Love in the world by keeping connected deeply in God.  Pray, sing, create, read, be still — all with the intention of doing so to keep connected with God.  To let God (Love) abide in you!
Be deeply connected with one another.  Laugh, cry, eat, listen, phone, text, reach out to one another.  All in the intention to keep connected deeply with God.  To let God (Love) abide in you!
Connect with those around you.  Start a conversation by asking a random person you see how they are.  Be open to hearing in a way that invites the space for whatever might be within these days:  boredom, frustration, sadness, overwhelm, joy, exhaustion, relief.  We each are carrying so much right under the surface of our skin.  Be a welcoming respite for someone you may or may not yet know so they can be honest about what’s rattling around within.  All with the intention that doing so keeps you connected to God.  To letting God (Love) abide in you! 

Connect, connect, connect!  For it is our way to abide in God always!

Pastor Jule


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