Fathers are a complicated business.
Because we do not begin in the darkness of their womb
     but can only become captives of their hearts.

A father’s love is there at our beginning
     to catch us as we breathe our first.
Those brave enough to open to the miraculous,
          accept us and find themselves forever changed.

A father’s love awakens
     the first glance into our eyes — and often before,
when they allow the slow process of growth
     to be their gentle teacher.

A father’s love is fierce and tender
     building a protection around their young.
Showing the best
     of the energy of masculinity:
          for giving of self in the world —
a dynamism to be focused for the common good.

A father’s love nudges
     so we begin to stand on our own two feet.
It nurtures a sense of self in us
     that gives courage, 
     in confidence, to leave the nest.

A father’s love teaches wisdom:
     that power is to be shared.
A father’s love shows that we can do it,
     but it’s best not to go it alone.

A father’s love ensures we know ourselves cherished,
     because father-love chooses us at our start
          and each day ever after.
A father’s love is the warm bath of welcome — 
     ready to receive us when we return home.
    Eager to hear the adventures we have enjoyed in this world
          as we have given our gifts at the altar of community.

A father’s love is needed —
     so desperately needed —
     all throughout time.

Too often misunderstood
     by us,
         by fathers,
              by the world.

A father’s precious love is our eternal guide.
 ~ Pastor Jule (15 June 2021)


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