Did you stop for a few minutes Monday to look to the western sky? Shortly after the sun set, did you notice what looked like the brightest star in the heavens? If you were looking closely, you noticed the conjunction — the path of Jupiter and the path of Saturn coming together. It was so bright! I spent a few minutes in silence as I watched. A wave of sadness arose reminding me what a grueling year it has been — so much pain among so many. So many challenges for all the world. Such fear, exhaustion, anxiety amid the continuing unknowns. Yet . . .

Despite any bleakness, the brightest light was right there! Shining in the night sky! It’s not like the conjunction wasn’t coming for a very long time. Day and night for the past 800 years, one planet has been racing across the sky to catch up to the other. Two were about to intertwine to appear as one. It was only after the sun went down that we could see the brilliant coming together of those lights.

Which leaves me wondering: is it only in the bleakest moments of life that The Light is able to be seen? The Light, which we believe co-mingled with us: heaven and earth conjoining. Human and Divine. Matter and Spirit together in one brilliant being we call the Christ, The Light of all the world!

What need have we for The Light when life itself glows? When things are easy, we mostly can handle things on our own, right? It was a particular moment in a particular place to a particular people that the Christ was born — The Light being birthed by a young woman who was part of people trying to make their way amid the nightmare of the latest invading oppressors.

Like our faith ancestors, we always need The Light. And The Light always is with us. The darkness never can overcome it, John 1:5 proclaims! But do we only notice The Light with us when life is the most difficult? Do we only stop to look for The Light amid the night — during the times when our regular, daylight senses are not enough to make it through?

As we prepare to celebrate this week the birth of Christ, The Light of the world breaking in; look for The Light. Call upon The Light. Let The Light (which is God — Love itself) brighten up your life. God is with us! The heavens declare!

In these final hours of Advent, keep watch for The Light!

Pastor Jule