Storytelling Sunday!

Please join us for a very special worship experience Sunday, September 4th: Storytelling Sunday!

This worship experience will take place OUTSIDE on Hillwood’s grounds during our regular time of 10:30am. As our time learning about other faith communities’ identities continues, Storytelling Sunday will invite Hillwood members to reflect on what defines Hillwood’s particular identity. We’ve certainly learned a great deal from other faith communities about what hospitality means to them. Now, let us dream together about ways that Hillwood might grow in God’s call for us in the future – maybe even incorporating some of what we’ve noticed from this period of learning!

  • In order for Storytelling Sunday to be as rich and dynamic as possible, we need YOU to come ready to share by meditating on two questions and coming to worship on the 4th ready to share aloud your thoughts on one or both of the following: ONE: Tell a story about a favorite memory you have of Hillwood (this could be a church event, a great worship experience you remember, a time you had a meaningful meal with a fellow church member, a time that your church family really showed up for you, a meaningful time of service you participated in with HPC, etc.!) TWO: Tell us your dreams for Hillwood PC in the future (Use your imagination! Think of this question as an opportunity to speak about what you hope Hillwood PC looks like and is actively engaged in in the future. Share some ideas about what you think Hillwood needs to do in order to listen to and pursue God’s call for Hillwood’s future!)
  • If you do not feel led to share your responses aloud, please be prepared to engage in active listening as we share our stories together! Worship will include music from Max, the stories you all bring, as well as brief opening and closing messages from your co-ministerial leaders. This worship experience will be a bit less “structured” than regular worship services and we trust that God will be abundantly present with us as we try something new! Peyton and Liv will arrive early to set up chairs with an eye toward comfort and accessibility. There will be light snacks and drinks to enjoy as we tell stories and worship together. Please note, there will NOT be a virtual/livestream component for this today’s outdoor service.