Community Partner Highlight- Hillwood High School

In their last year at the current location, Hillwood High School serves a variety of students.  Their 3 academies (Art, Design, & Communication; Business & Hospitality; and Health Sciences) are looked to in the school district and nationwide as a model of great success.  Academics, arts, and athletics are valued and esteemed. As of this school year, all students have a time to be a part of an in school CLUB that motivates, connects, encourages, and teaches wellness beyond the academic classroom.  Commitment to the whole person undergirds the work of faculty and partners of the school.

On Thursday, 26 January, Hillwood Presbyterian Church will be providing BREAKFAST items to students gathering through our Community Achieves partnership.  Together we work for a society of collaboration and hope!  Be a part of making a difference in the lives of the 1,000 students who spend their days next door!