Yoga Class

HPC’s Yoga Class is on Break until 29 November:  BUT YOU still can center yourself at home!  Take a moment to breathe deeply today.  Stand or sit up strong & stretch your hands high above your head – as far as you can reach (you’ve just done Mountain pose!).  Next, standing with your knees slightly bent or sitting in a chair; bend from the waist (carefully) and let your arms, head, and neck gently hang loose.  Exhale as you let it all go (you’ve just completed the Rag Doll pose!).  Slowly roll each vertebra of your spine up and place your hands, palms together, in the center of your chest.  Inhale.  Exhale – exhale longer than your inhale.  You just have calmed yourself!  Thank your body for every way it functions!  Thank God for all you are and every way you can be a vessel for peace each day!  Repeat daily as you live in gratitude!