Dream Workshop Circle

ALL ARE INVITED to a FREE online Dream Workshop Circle scheduled for Wednesday, July 17, and facilitated by Dream Work Coach Jule Nyhuis.
Wednesday 17 July
Tuesday 13 August
***all times are 7 pm – 8:30 pm central time via Zoom.
The Dream Workshop Circle is a great time for anybody to attend who has a curiosity about their dreams, but is not good at recording or wants to delve super deep with a group into a dream. The time together will include exploring an abiding Dream image through symbol association, active imagination, and getting a bit of insight & wisdom from the collective.

Plan to participate Wednesday, 17 July 7-8:30 pm central time via Zoom AND invite anybody else curious about Dreams.  Contact Jule with questions and to receive the Zoom link pastor@hillwoodpc.org

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!! Learn more at https://hillwoodpc.org/enrichment-opportunities/dream-work-circle/

Learn more about the Dream Work Circle Here.