This presentation was made by the Renewal Team on 3 June 2018.

We are going to ensure that the needs of Hillwood Presbyterian Church homebound/elderly members are met:

  • Care through weekly mailing (bulletin & sermons)
  • Contact from ruling elder & pastor- calls, visits, Lord’s Supper when wanted by homebound member
  • Continue connecting the generations through children/teen/adult quarterly visits (CH&UC@H)
  • Possibly connecting Member Buddies with homebound members

Whatever priorities we undertake, we will need to include all of the following ways of how to be involved:

  • Prayer support
  • Item Collections (supply drives)
  • Hands on Volunteer Opportunities (face-to-face with those in need)
  • Financial Support (through special offerings and/or operating fund line item support)
  • Facilitating/providing a way for involvement of those beyond the church membership (collaboration with neighborhood, Playcare, other local churches)

Community Partnerships

We will need creativity in using particular individual gifts/interests in priority focus.

We will need to to learn along the way- priority focus can be woven into spiritual growth ministries, worship and music experiences.

Priority focus: We will build a Community Partnership with H.G. Middle School over the next 6 to 9 months.

Priority Focus: We will build a Community Partnership with Mending Hearts in 2019.

How Can I Get Involved?

Make a Difference through Local Mission

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