Hospitality Experiment

A HUGE thank you for all who participated and thanks be to God for all we have learned!

  • Sunday, 13 November after Worship – HOSPITALITY EXPERIMENT LUNCH & POST-PLANNING MEETING LED BY THE REV. TOM LANEY (11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.)


Hillwood Presbyterian Church is a PROUD recipient of a grant in the 2020 National Clergy Renewal Program! The Hospitality Experiment was planned as a part of HPC’s next steps in ministry renewal. Due to CoVid-19, the adjusted timeframe to undertake the Hospitality Experiment began in Spring 2022 and continues through October 2022. The Hospitality Experiment is a unique congregational experience to learn from travel to varying communities of faith and learn from Pastor Jule’s experiential renewal through global travel during a 3-month clergy renewal Sabbatical.

Read all about the exciting grant received and how HPC is using it in 2022!

Don’t know WHAT IN THE WORLD the Hospitality Experiment is about? Learn more here

We began reading and discussing “The Welcoming Congregation: Roots and Fruits of Christian Hospitality” together 3 April.

Plans for April – October include:

  • Hospitality — being a stranger among others and hoping for authentic, hospitable welcome!
  • Preparatory Reading, Conversation, Planning.
  • Questions about what makes for authentic, hospitable welcome.
  • Commissioning one another for experiential, exploratory summer experiences.
  • Learning together with a Lilly Foundation, Inc. Renewal Grant-funded Consultant & Sabbatical pastoral leadership.
  • Summer field trips together and alone for interactive learning (among other churches, faith communities, or strangers in this world!)
  • Food & Fellowship together!
  • Worship & prayer in a variety of ways.
  • Reflection, conversation, continued growth.
  • Sharing, celebration, future actionable steps for HPC’s ministry renewal!

The Welcoming Congregation: Roots and Fruits of Christian Hospitality
Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others by Barbara Brown Taylor CLICK HERE.
Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: One Woman’s Desperate, Funny, and Healing Journey to Explore 30 Religions by Her 30th Birthday by Reba Riley. CLICK HERE.

AND THANKS BE TO GOD FOR AV TECH NICK SILVIDI’S wisdom and abilities! Nick is preparing for truly HYBRID EXPERIENCES OF ALL REFLECTION MEETINGS that the Rev. Tom Laney will lead! Whether able to be in person or needing to hop on from home; ALL of HPC will have access to participation in this incredible opportunity for personal and congregational growth that awaits in the months unfolding ahead!