The Rebirthing of God Spiritual Formation Gathering

Join together twice a month (March 5- April 23) in an immersive exploration of a hope for a fresh stirring of the Spirit!  Participants will be invited to read a chapter of The Rebirthing of God each week, gather with others twice a month in the library of Hillwood Presbyterian Church (in person or via Zoom), reflect upon images from the Iona Pilgrimage shared by John Philip throughout the book, pray and listen together, and grow deeper with each other in the Spirit so our lives will emerge in new ways for sacred living each day.  The Rev. Dr. Jule M. Nyhuis (Pastor of Hillwood Presbyterian Church) will facilitate times of prayer, guided meditation, image reflection, and group discussion around the book’s main themes:
  • Reconnecting with the Earth
  • Reconnecting with Compassion
  • Reconnecting with the Light
  • Reconnecting with the Journey
  • Reconnecting with Spiritual Practice
  • Reconnecting with Nonviolence
  • Reconnecting with the Unconscious
  • Reconnecting with Love 

An invitation to The Rebirthing of God from Pastor Jule.

Resource: The Rebirthing of God: Christianity’s Struggle for New Beginnings, by John Philip Newell (2014).
Group Gatherings: (Sundays 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. central time) — coffee & water provided, BYOLunch or a snack to share!
In the library of Hillwood Presbyterian Church, 6220 Hickory Valley Road, Nashville. And via Zoom

• 5 March (rescheduled from 26 Feb. – NOON – 1 p.m. due to Anniversary Party in Parlor after worship) — Setting the Scene, Receiving the Book (Welcome, Introductions, Reflect on Images of the Isle of Iona)
• 19 March (rescheduled from previous date) — Introduction & Chapters 1-2 Reconnecting with the Earth, Reconnecting with Compassion
• 2 April — Chapters 3-4: Reconnecting with the Light, Reconnecting with the Journey
• 16 April — Chapters 5-6: Reconnecting with Spiritual Practice, Reconnecting with Nonviolence
• 23 April — Chapters 7-8 – Epilogue: Reconnecting with the Unconscious, Reconnecting with Love


Fresh from a September 2022 week on the sacred Isle of Iona under the leadership of John Philip and Ali Newell, Pastor Jule is excited to share the experience and reflect together with you!

“I first met John Philip in 2007 at the outset of a two-year Certificate in Christian Spiritual Formation program at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA.  Grounded grace and fervent love poured through every word John Philip said.  I knew I was in the presence of a spiritual sage for our day.  His love for people and the earth, his passion for God, and his wide knowledge of Christain traditions makes every word he writes a gift for thirsty spirits.  When arriving on the Isle of Iona in September to immerse myself in teachings and spiritual practices co-led by John Philip and his wife and equal partner Ali Newell, I was not disappointed!  True spiritual companions who are deeply rooted in a life-giving Celtic Christian tradition, Ali and John Philip inspired as they offered hope all throughout our week together!  I look forward to delving into spiritual practices and wise conversation through The Rebirthing of God!  I invite YOU to participate!”

If you wonder if there’s a place for you in the Christian faith; if you hope the Spirit of God is working yet; if you want to be in conversation and partnership with others committed too to the exploration of the Divine today; JOIN in THE REBIRTHING OF GOD!  Even if you cannot gather regularly with others:  READ THIS BOOK!


The Rev. Dr. Jule M. Nyhuis is Pastor of Hillwood Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  For the past 25 years; she has pastored local churches in Nashville, Louisville, and Chicago.  She recently returned from a Lilly Foundation, Inc. funded Global Holy Trek to explore the roots of immigration in Australia, the Christian enterprise in Hawaii, the role of Mary Magdalene in Southern France, and the clash of Celts and Christians in Scotland.  Part of her Global Holy Trek was spent in pilgrimage on the Isle of Iona with Earth and Soul Founder John Philip & Ali Newell.     A graduate of Vanderbilt University Divinity School (M.Div.) and Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA (D.Min. in Gospel & Culture); Pastor Jule additionally is trained in Christian Spiritual Formation, Contemplative Spiritual Direction, and Dream Work in the Jungian tradition.  She also is a board-Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. She provides trusting spaces for individuals and groups to grow more deeply into their authentic (God-beloved) Self.  Pastor Jule is most inspired in nature and is passionate about facilitating open-exploration of God that all might live out Love each day.  When not connecting among HPC members, friends, and community partners; you can find her outside somewhere walking her beloved toy poodle Rufus.