Connect to God and Self

Additional Ways to Connect with God & Your Deepest Self


HPC Memorial Garden: A place outside for all to rest, reflect, renew!

Given and tended for the glory of God, all are welcome to rest, reflect, and renew in HPC’s Memorial Garden! Picnic Table now available so feel free to meet others, bring a lunch, or seek connection with loved ones who have passed.

Hope Walk: HPC invites all to come TAKE A WALK of HOPE on the beautiful grounds of HPC!

In 2021, Pastor Jule crafted an outdoor walking prayer tool for contemplative meditation and intercessory prayer. The HOPE WALK was a group event that followed a Service for Healing & Prayer. As a way to nurture your spiritual life, HPC shares the HOPE WALK with you. All are welcome to a self-guided experience of the HOPE WALK – click here for the resource. Use this anywhere in your neighborhood and modify as needed, or better yet: come take a self-guided HOPE WALK on the grounds of HPC. All who respect the sanctity of HPC’s space and additional ministries taking place are INVITED onto the grounds for this way of centering self, expanding hope!

HPC Indoor Labyrinth: A Tool for walking Prayer and reflection.

HPC invites all to an Indoor Labyrinth. Built by HPC members in 2018, the ancient holy path of the Labyrinth can be walked in a variety of ways. Instructions are available in the room as are short quotes from Scripture and wise Christian mystics to guide those who walk. The process is one of releasing, receiving, and uniting. Many find the Labyrinth to be a powerful experience of deepening their spiritual life. Contact the church office to set up a time to use the Labyrinth.